The start of a prosperous relationship.

Articulating the true value of a promising company requires more than technical and operational due diligence. It takes a commitment to fully understanding the founders’ vision and the culture they inspire. To us, a company’s value goes beyond the balance sheet.

As a dedicated VC partner, Quoin takes the time to evaluate and represent the full scope of what makes a company attractive to potential investors. We apply a triple bottom line perspective that considers the social, environmental and economic benefits a company may offer the world, especially in developing international markets. We quantify these qualitative benefits to set and achieve valuations that are accurate, as well as aspirational.

We work well with startups because we think like one.

As an entrepreneurial team, we continuously monitor the local and global markets for new business opportunities and trends. We proactively develop and maintain relationships with angel and venture capital firms, public technology companies, and other investment banks.

Once we identify and qualify sustainable business models, we actively advise, coach, and represent these ventures in seeking and negotiating equity and debt capital. We coordinate client development efforts with community and industry groups in the global emerging growth and venture investment sector.