It takes money to make money.

We support asset managers, insurance companies, banks, and thrifts with capital raising and M&A representation that enables them to achieve their operational objectives and long-term growth goals.

The relationships we have built over decades in bulge bracket financial institutions, group banking, and venture capital have shaped our personal commitment to developing and executing customized strategies.

Industries / Financial Services

We combine large bank experience with entrepreneurial drive to achieve optimal outcomes for our middle-market financial services clients.

Our sector expertise includes:

Drawing upon extensive expertise across securities, wealth management, and alternative assets, we provide personalized financial and strategic advice for institutions, family offices, trusts, and independent broker-dealers. We support managers with advice and execution on hedge funds, impact funds, real estate trusts and private equity opportunities in addition to handling M&A, public offering, recapitalization, and all other investment banking needs.

We help community, industrial, regional, and national banks and thrifts plan and execute strategic M&A, capital raise, and other objectives to achieve and maintain their performance and growth targets. Decades-long relationships and hands-on experience throughout the industry provide us with the insight to deliver optimal outcomes at any scale.

Quoin Investment Banking applies the M&A, capital raise, and restructuring expertise of our senior team to advise on strategic decisions that protect and grow the value of companies in the insurance sector. We work closely with key stakeholders and decision-makers in the brokerage, distribution, claims processing, and underwriting of Health, Life and Property & Casualty insurance, as well as reinsurance, claim processing, and other related services.

As a minority-owned, middle-market investment bank with decades of experience in traditional and specialty finance, we know how to help commercial and consumer lenders maximize their options. Quoin Investment Banking provides tailored strategies for small business finance and working capital, equipment and automobile finance, residential mortgage and distressed asset purchasing, and practically any other kind of niche lending for commercial or consumer markets.

Unique circumstances call for creative solutions and a strong commitment. Planning, structuring, and financing a variety of vehicles to achieve specific business goals is second nature to our experienced team of financial professionals. We help clients raise capital and penetrate new markets by structuring Business Development Companies (BDCs), closed-end funds, hedge funds, and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).

At the forefront of FinTech.

At the ever-evolving, yet dynamic convergence of financial services and technology-based solutions lays one of the pillars of the growing global digital transformation – FinTech. Quoin is well-versed in the constant advancements in transaction processing, digital banking, wealth management, and the entire Financial Technology ecosystem. We bring our depth of knowledge in M&A, capital raising, restructuring, and other services to help both solution creators and FinTech-enabled companies grow, integrate, and diversify their businesses.

Our expertise includes:

Strategic Advisory

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Anti-takeover / Protective Advisory
  • Fairness Opinions

Financial Advisory

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Capital
  • Restructuring / LBO
  • Valuations
  • IPO Advisory