From time to time, I will comment on issues that are important to the business market. The first of these comments is on why I believe that Africa provides a vital economic opportunity that has been misunderstood and looked over, particularly from a United States perspective.


I am confident you will find this synopsis to be insightful with hopes that it will leave you with a differing perspective about Africa and its relevance to global geopolitical considerations and economic growth. Africa’s growing infrastructure presents unique opportunities for Africans, the African-Diaspora, American-Africans, and American businesses to flourish through financial advisory services across the board.


Warmest Regards,

Osagie Imasogie, Chairman




Financials Sector Establishes Top Attractiveness Ranking

Improvement in the fundamental outlook, as indicated by earnings revisions and the correspond-ing trend line in revisions, has resulted in the financials sector breaking into the top 5 group of our attractiveness rankings. In contrast, the aerospace/defense sector has slipped back out of the top 5 group due to weakness across all our core metrics. We also note that lower valuation and cat-alytic scores have resulted in the basic materials sector falling into the bottom-ranked group. See Tables 5 and 6 for top-ranked names from the most attractive sectors and bottom-ranked namesfrom the least attractive sectors. Click to download the full report

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