Global Investment Bank Quoin Capital Names Debra Gordon as Head of Capital Markets

October 6, 2022 | Philadelphia, PA – Quoin Capital, a leading investment bank with unique specialization in globaltrade and the emerging African markets, is pleased to announce its new Head of CapitalMarkets, Debra Gordon. “Debra brings with her decades of experience building effective and efficient capital marketscapabilities, including trading, and scaling related offerings,” says Quoin […]

Quoin Capital Closes Out Q4 2021 with Recapitalization, Ownership Change

DECEMBER 1, 2021 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) – Quoin Capital, the Philadelphia-based global investment bank, is pleased to announce the completion of a recapitalization and acquisition. The transaction was finalized at the end of 2021, and includes, among other terms, cash investment and change of ownership.   “Quoin Capital has a rich history as a boutique operator with […]

Quoin Announces New Merger in the Life Sciences

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