Quoin brings fresh, diverse thinking and superior execution to our commercial and financial services consulting, institutional brokerage, government, and venture capital clients worldwide.

Facilitating the international procurement and financing of goods and services is a critical part of enabling trade and long-term growth, especially in developing countries.


Global Trade

Alternative Assets

When it comes to building a well-rounded, high-performance institutional investment portfolio, hedge funds and other alternative investments are just as important as mainstream allocation strategies.


Quoin specializes in debt and equities and fixed income securities for institutional clients.


Capital Markets

Public Finance

Venture Capital​

Articulating the true value of a promising company requires more than technical and operational due diligence. It takes a commitment to fully understanding the founders’ vision and the culture they inspire. To us, a company’s value goes beyond the balance sheet.


Connecting investors with quality companies to forge mutually beneficial financial relationships is core to our mission to be the investment bank that grows prosperous, equitable businesses and communities around the world.


Private Equity